Stop by to pick up a book or donate your books for others to use and enjoy.

Donate books and other ways to help Jersey City Free Books!

A community book exchange serving Jersey City, Hoboken and all of Hudson County.
Jersey City Free Books is located at:
297 Griffith St.
(Just off of Kennedy Blvd. in the Jersey City Heights. A few blocks north of Manhattan Ave.)
Jersey City, NJ 07307

Friday 12PM to 7PM
Saturday 10AM to 7PM
Sunday 12PM to 6PM


Jersey City Free Books is a resource for students, serious readers and young readers. We cannot receive “light” fiction — Mysteries, Thrillers or Romances. Since they can’t be used by current students, text books over three years old are not accepted, either.

Jersey City Free Books CAN’T ACCEPT these!

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Want to say thank you to Jersey City Free Books? Here’s how!

Got a bicycle that you’re not using? Drop it off on Saturday for a sustainability charity!

Anthony Olszewski of Jersey City Free Books interviewed
by Jenna Kildosher of Instigatorzine, Hudson County Arts and Literature magazine.

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43 thoughts on “Stop by to pick up a book or donate your books for others to use and enjoy.”

  1. i manage a single adult male homeless shelter program in NYC. we’re a not-for-profit. for our newly created Reading Room, would you have some fictional thriller novels, biographies, and self-help books?

  2. Hi. Do you have any science books or books for college? I’m a current student and looking for some books. Thank you

  3. This is great! We have a lot of books and I would rather bring them to you then recycle them. Do you have romance novels–authors Laurens, Monica McCarthy, Garwood, Balough? I also cannot afford the eight dollars! Eliise

  4. I have a 6 yr old daughter and im trying make her more interested into books is there a limit to the books i can take out?

  5. I read your story in the JERSEY JOURNAL and am so glad to know there is a place that will accept and circulate used books! I have a ‘ton’ of them, some hard cover, some soft cover, some novels, some spiritual (Catholic/Christian). My question is, do you accept the spiritual (Catholic/Christian) books?
    I plan to start bringing them today and hopefully come by each day you are open with more books until I have donated them all.
    Thank you!

    1. Please do bring the books on religious topics. There are many people who look forward to reading Christian titles and there are very few in the shop right now.

      Basically the only books that we can’t accept are encyclopedias, text books more than three years old or condensed books.

      Thank you!

  6. Is there a limit to how many books you can take, as well as a limit on how many days you can go to pick up books?

    1. Jersey City Free Book’s motto is from each according to ability, to each according to need. You’re welcome to take anything for your reasonable personal use. If you represent a charity or institution, please do let us know.

        1. Graphic novels are great, so please do donate them.

          Mass market periodicals are for the most part newsworthy for a limited amount of time. Right now, there’s just no room for these magazines.

  7. I have a set of college textbooks that are about 5 – 8 years old, and have been replaced by more recent versions. Will they be accepted by Jersey City Free books?

  8. I have a few text books from my college days – all science related – that I wanted to donate. I don’t want to throw them away/recycle them, as they would be of good use somewhere. Thanking you in advance

  9. To Whom It May Concern:

    Is there a maximum number of materials that we can take from Jersey City Free Books? Can we take them at any time or only on Saturdays?

    Andrew Gerber

    1. Jersey City Free Books provides the opportunity to share with the community. Stop by to get a book of donate yours for others to use and enjoy.

      Jersey City Free Books is open weekdays and on Saturday. Please see the Main Page for hours.

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