SOCK! BAM! POW! Lots of comics are now at Jersey City Free Books!


For a limited time, LOTS of comics are available at Jersey City Free books, 297 Griffith St.


Publishers include Marvel, DC, Vertigo and many, many others. Issues range in age from very recent to some over thirty years old.


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Jersey City Free Books
297 Griffith St.
Jersey City, NJ 07307

The current schedule is at the Web Site:

Jersey City Free Books is a community book store that provides something to read without charge, obligation,registration or indoctrination. Jersey City Free Books serves seniors, students, the unemployed and working families.

Thousands of books are available. Everyone is welcome to take any number of books for their reasonable, personal use. Jersey City Free Books is eager to assist local charities by providing quantities of books.

The Facebook Page is

Jersey City Free Books always can use donations of solid recent fiction and non-fiction, including text books less than three years old. Literary classics are always welcome. Children’s books and books of all types in languages other than English are great, too.


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