SHOUT OUT! THANK YOU for the Iams cat food donation each week!

Jersey City Free Books serves the entire community — including those on four legs! We need your help so that we can help both cats and people. Click on this Link for the Amazon Wish List or use the DONATE button. hat’s on the left for a computer screen or click the three horizontal bars if using a smart phone or tablet. Even just dropping off a bag of kitty litter (non-clumping) when the shop is open will mean a lot. If everyone reading this clicked on the DONATE button and gave ONE DOLLAR monthly, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats left to fend for themselves.

Jersey City Cat Rescue

I want to shout-out a BIG THANK YOU to someone very generous who has been sending a bag of Iams cat food each week. This has been a HUGE HELP!. I’ve been spending my own grocery money to buy food and medical care for the little crew. And I already was pretty skinny!

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