Jersey City Free Books ponders the wisdom of Mae West.

Mae West said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” (Is this where Clairol got the idea that blondes have more fun?) Not to delve too deeply into the inner significance of a dead actress (or advertising campaign), Jersey City Free Books has encountered a similar situation. The happy homemaker gene has fully expressed itself during the current rainy spell. (After all, Martha Stewart was born in Jersey City. If she was raised here she would’ve known enough to keep her yap shut when the FBI rang the bell, but that’s a topic for another discussion.) Day at the beach, mountains, park, etc. cancelled, many have spent the gloomy free time cleaning — and clearing out boxes of unused books to donate.

Jersey City Free Books recently has received THOUSANDS of books. Many, many different works of fiction and non-fiction just can’t wait to make friends with you.

All are encouraged to stop by to pick up a book, especially those without jobs. Many among the long-term unemployed, not able now to afford the expense, are finding it necessary to give up Internet access. Even though not “wired,” through books, they can stay connected to the world of ideas.

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Jersey City Free Books

A community book exchange serving Jersey City, Hoboken and all of Hudson County.
Jersey City Free Books is located at:
297 Griffith St.
(Just off of Kennedy Blvd. in the Jersey City Heights. A few blocks north of Manhattan Ave.)
Jersey City, NJ 07307

Jersey City Free Books is open
Monday 12PM to 5PM
Tuesday 12PM to 5PM
Wednesday 12PM to 5PM
Thursday 12PM to 8PM
Friday 12PM to 8PM
Saturday 10AM to 6PM

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