Weather Alert from Jersey City Free Books!

Every media outlet now forecasts a weather front that’s out on the California coast to traipse across the continent to Florida and then veer north — as if running on rails — rendering everything from DC to Boston buried by snow.

During storms and the aftermath when travel is still difficult, the Griffith Street Council on Intellectual Fitness recommends the stockpiling of three books per family member “as a minimum.”

Preparation is key! Friday afternoon — well before the predicted blustery wallop — go to Jersey City Free Books at 297 Griffith St. to make certain that you’ve got plenty to read. And do be considerate; pick up a couple of extra books for your neighbors — particularly the seniors.

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Jersey City Free Books at 297 Griffith St is a community book store that provides something to read without charge, obligation, registration or indoctrination. Everyone is welcome to take any number of books for their reasonable, personal use. Many books are available

Jersey City Free Books serves seniors, students, the unemployed and working families. A wide-distribution magazine recently listed us as a tourist destination! In addition to the local community, we’ve provided books for a school in the Philippines, a shelter in Camden, a mission in Africa and a student film in New York City. Jersey City Free Books is eager to assist local charities by providing quantities of books.

More information — including the current schedule — is available at the Web Site:

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