Jersey City Free Books Cat Rescue

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Jersey City Free Books serves the entire community — including those on four legs! We need your help so that we can help both cats and people. Click on this Link for the Amazon Wish List or donate at our GoFundMe Page. Even just dropping off a bag of kitty litter (non-clumping) when the shop is open will mean a lot. If everyone reading even gave SOMETHING, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats left to fend for themselves.

The picture above shows Little Blake the Ouija Cat, one of our success stories, on August 20, 2012. That’s the day she was rescued after being abandoned on Central Ave. near the post office.

Too weak to stand, the very young kitten was covered with fleas. She also had an eye infection, ear mites, ringworm and intestinal parasites.


Luckily, the tyke was small enough and the day was warm enough so that her entire body could be dipped in the bathroom sink. The fleas still on the head were carefully removed with a fine comb. And that was the easy part! The other conditions required considerable care and the application of medication.

Jersey City Free Books cat rescue

The third picture is from a couple of weeks later. Strength and confidence growing, Blake here had commandeered the recycling bin as her abode.

Jersey City Free Books cat rescue

This picture is from only six months later. Now Blake is a regal lady, as she still is today.

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Jersey City Cat Rescue

In April, we saved these kittens from a one-way trip to the junk yard. The little crew were in an old car that was about to be towed away. Jersey City Cat Rescue took them all in along with their mother.

Jersey City Cat Rescue
Say hello to the mom cat (newly named Jemma), now safe and sound with her whole family in the Jersey City Free Books storeroom.

Jersey City Cat Rescue

Little Mitzy caught a cold and so took a trip to the vet.

Jersey City Cat Rescue

Luckily her recovery was speedy, but the bill was $184.

These are just a few of the many cats that Jersey City Free Books has saved. More need help!


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