A word from Jersey City Free Books’ landlord

Joe the barber, Jersey City Free Books' landlord

Here’s Joe the barber, Jersey City Free Books’ landlord, and this is what he has to say:
“All day long people bounce in here telling me how great it is what Jersey City Free Books is doing. All I wants to know is when is that outfit going to pay the rent?”

And Joe’s right. All the hale and hearty handshakes add up to nothing when it comes to scraping together the money for the bills. Jersey City Free Books is in dire need of real community support just to keep the door open.

Jersey City Free Books needs your help NOW! It’s quick and convenient to click on the Donate button at the Web Site. If everyone seeing this contributed ONE DOLLAR a month, staying afloat would not be a big question mark. Jersey City Free Books needs your help right NOW so that we can continue to serve seniors, students, the unemployed, working families and the entire community. Support reading. Support Jersey City Free Books.

Donate at the Jersey City Free Books GoFundMe Page.

Jersey City Free Books is a community organization that provides something to read without charge, obligation, registration or indoctrination. Everyone is welcome to take any number of books for their reasonable, personal use. Many books are available.

The current schedule is at “a href=”http://JerseyCityFreeBooks.com”>the Main Page of the Web Site.

Jersey City Free Books is very happy to get old black and white photos — snapshots.

Do you have household items, small appliances or anything else still in the box that you’re never going to use? Please consider donating these items to Jersey City Free Books. We urgently need to raise funds. Anything that we can sell or use as a promotion for crowdfunding will be GREATLY appreciated!
Jersey City Free Books can also use these items:
* Picnic and card tables
* Metal or wood shelves similar to the ones now in the shop.
* Clear plastic storage containers with lids
* Gigabyte switches
* Computers, cell phones or tablets less than four years old
(Either working or non-working — Secure removal and erasure of data is performed on all devices.)

Audio or video on CD or DVD is great. Vinyl records are OK, too. Tapes, we can’t take.

Jersey City Free Books needs donations of solid recent fiction and non-fiction, including text books less than three years old. Literary classics are always welcome. Children’s titles and books of all types in languages other than English are great, too.

We currently can’t accept any more Mysteries, Thrillers, Romances or Self-help titles. Text books or computer books over three years old can’t be used by current students.
Because of Jersey City Free Books, not having money doesn’t stop people from reading. A wide-distribution magazine recently listed us as a tourist destination! In addition to the local community, we’ve provided books for a school in the Philippines, a shelter in Camden, a mission in Africa and a student film in New York City. Jersey City Free Books is eager to assist local charities by providing quantities of books.