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White mouse rescued by Jersey City Cat Rescue

Here’s one of the more unusual animal rescues at Jersey City Free Books. Back on March 5, 2014 I found this white mouse running through the snow during a blizzard on the sidewalk of Kennedy Blvd. in Jersey City. As my eyesight is not the sharpest, the little guy’s guardian angel must have tapped me on the shoulder.

How did he wind up there? As a domestic mouse couldn’t survive for long in the cold, my guess is that some malicious person in the apartment house tossed him out the window.

His new name was Snow Ball. Since I didn’t want him to be saved from the cold only to wind up in a snake’s belly, Snow Ball found a home here. The accommodations included an exercise wheel and — his life’s joy — a cardboard tube from inside of a roll of paper towel. Snow Ball passed after sixteen months, a happy long life for a mouse.

Jersey City Cat Rescue has fostered infant squirrels and taken in a hamster put out with the garbage at the curb. We’ve cared for guinea pigs and gerbils that were no longer wanted. Homes also have been found for dwarf rabbits.

Jersey City Free Books serves the entire community — including those on four legs! We need your help so that we can help both pets and people. Click on this Link for the Amazon Wish List or use the DONATE button. That’s on the left for a computer screen or click the three horizontal bars if using a smart phone or tablet. Even just dropping off a bag of kitty litter (non-clumping) when the shop is open will mean a lot. If everyone reading this clicked on the DONATE button and gave ONE DOLLAR monthly, we’d be well on the way to providing for suffering cats left to fend for themselves.

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